Benidorm Holidays

Benidorm holidays strike a unique blend between the calm and relaxation of Mediterranean beach holidays with the excitement and energy of a bright lights and big city vacation, without compromising any of the serenity. There are not many places where such a blend can be struck effectively, but Benidorm is no ordinary city.

Located in southern Spain, in the culturally rich region of Valencia, Benidorm is an intoxicating coastal village nestled on the tranquil shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The city, home to some of the most luxurious four star hotels in the Europe, is well-known for exciting and fun holidays.

Exciting beach excursions are, of course, what makes Benidorm such a sought after vacation spot, but beach holidays are not all Benidorm has in store for visitors. Flanked by warm, blue-green Mediterranean waters, Benidorm offers a number of other equally fascinating attractions.

The warmth of the locals extends beyond the city, where there are countless natural spectacles to behold. Fun holidays in Benidorm are spent exploring the Canelobre Caves and the glorious Algar Waterfalls. The mountains surrounding Benidorm have inspired many Spanish poets and charmed countless weekend explorers with their myriad of wonders. Daytrips into the mountains surrounding Benidorm are safe and affordable.

While holidays in Benidorm often consist of exploring the natural wonders and basking on sunny beaches, there is also plenty for children to do on Benidorm Holidays. There are a number of activities designed for younger visitors. For example, Benidorm features two safari parks, famous the world over for their collection of wonderful and exotic animals. There are also two world-renowned amusement parks with so many rides and attractions that will keep children smiling for days. Kids love family holidays, but a vacation to Benidorm is so much more than one of those ordinary family holidays, it is an experience they will never forget. Family holidays to Benidorm are easy to plan and Benidorm hotels advertise affordable rates.

Known as the “Manhattan of Spain,” Benidorm is home to some of the most delectable eateries in Southern Europe. For those in search of divine dining, there are hundreds of world-class restaurants which cater to even the most discriminating tastes. The nightlife in Benidorm is also world-class, some would even say legendary, offering everything from exillarating nightclubs to laid-back cocktail lounges to plenty of rousing discos perfect for a retro night out. Great food and great nightlife make Benidorm Holidays perfect for couple looking to sample a movie star lifestyle on a shoestring budget.

Benidorm also offers a wealth of shopping, from seaside markets to top flight department stores, making it the perfect locale not only for fun holidays in the sun, but fun holidays in search of amazing deals, as well. For the serious shopper in search of great bargains and unique merchandise, the Benidorm Outdoor Market is the perfect place to find those reasonably priced treasures. The Outdoor Market is also a really great place to experience the Benidorm culture.

Of course, in addition to all the shopping, the fine dining, the family excursions, Benidorm first and foremost is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Levante, for instance, is the number one destination for Spanish beach holidays. Levante offers countless beach activities, including sailing lessons, jet ski rentals, skin diving, and sometimes parasailing. The activities are endless. Poniente is similar to Levante, offering a myriad of exciting activities and dazzling vistas. For a mellower seaside experience, Malpas is a calm stretch of sand lined with palm trees, overlooking crystal blue waters. In Benidorm, the sea is warm and the people are friendly, making it perfect for relaxation.