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For His Final Night of Freedom in Benidorm

Every groom is entitled to a weekend stag party just before the big day.

It's tradition, after all--one last night of pubs, clubs and high living before settling down to a kinder, gentler lifestyle with the wife. Benidorm Stag Parties. ought not be difficult for the groom's friend to plan. Benidorm Stag Parties. feature automatic group bookings for everyone that will be in attendance for all necessary clubs, with options available additionally for certain pubs that allow group bookings of spaces for parties. Traditionally, the friends of the groom do most of the planning, including staging a possibly necessary false-kidnapping to absolve him of any sins he might commit that night.

A good, long, healthy weekend stag party can help the future groom get the last of his proverbial 'wild oats' sown before he plunges into commitment. While stag parties are anything but a sign of a successful marriage to come, they certainly can't hurt (particularly if the bride is off on a hen party of her own with her best of friends and bridesmaids). Weekend stag parties are likely to involve lots of drinking, lots of girls, and lots of loud, rowdy fun: all the lot of things wives tend not to appreciate occurring on a nightly or fortnightly basis--if ever. They are sometimes thought of as a final guy's night out on the town, but can also be taken as a promise that the rousing parties will continue even into the groom's marriage, if perhaps on a slightly less self-destructive scale.

A weekend stag party is a traditional event that frequently ends in a confused tussle and a long, hard hangover. In some ways, weekend stag parties are a sort of crucible--a last test to determine if the groom can be faithful to his future wife. In other ways, stag parties determine for the groom that he has had enough partying for one lifetime and it is definitely time to settle down and relax with his new bride, and leave the partying to younger generations. Often this is taken as a goal by the groom's friends, who will attempt to get the groom as miserably drunk as possible and exhaust whatever prurient interests he might have in a guy's night out at least long enough for him to say his vows. Often, they will succeed, and many a groom has found himself a little too hungover the morning after to successfully recite his vows. For this reason, weekend stag parties held the final weekend before the wedding are often popular just for logistical reasons.

Weekend stag parties are traditional events for good reason; they are bonding events for male friends, ways for them to show that they'll remain friends even in marriage, and that the groom is not abandoning his life and his friends for his vows. They are staples of social advancement, allowing grooms to get through their last fantasies before settling in, and allowing grooms to determine in their mind that they are going to commit to their wives and live out their days and wild fantasies with them alone.