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Benidorm Restaurants.

Benidorm has quickly become one of Spain's biggest tourist attractions. Millions of visitors come each year for the gorgeous beaches, historic buildings, and extravagant nightlife. Benidorm has also be come a celebrity hotspot. Since the city's founding, Benidorm has been known for it's special blend of Spanish cuisine. There are dozens of Spanish restaurants serving classic dishes. But the past 20 years has seen the rise of of many new restaurants in Benidorm. The city now boasts English restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Indian restaurants, and Italian restaurants. There's also plenty of fantastic hotel restaurants. Use this quick guide to navigate your dining options in Benidorm.

English Restaurants

Many visitors are surprised to find a large British and Irish population living in Benidorm. Some of these expatriates have started up their own English restaurants and pubs. You can grab a traditional English breakfast in the morning or a delicious ham for dinner. Most English restaurants and pubs have TV's to watch football matches in the UK.

Spanish Restaurants

Most of Benidorm's Spanish restaurants sit in the Old Town neighborhood. As the name implies, this is the oldest part of the city and many families have lived in the neighborhood for centuries. Much of Benidorm makes things easy for foreign but Old Town is more of a local hangout. It's best to bring a guide or local to help out. The Spanish tapas bars are all top-notch.

Chinese Restaurants

Like many world cities, Benidorm has it's own Chinatown neighborhood. Chinatown lies at the Northwest corner of the city. It's fairly small but boasts a handful of authentic Chinese establishments. Like Old Town, you can't go wrong with almost any restaurant you choose. Meals are often cheaper here than in the downtown area.

Most Chinese restaurants offer menus in Spanish, English, and Chinese.

Italian Restaurants

Benidorm only has a handful of Italian restaurants in the city. There are a few gems to check out along the beach district. Patrons enjoy gorgeous views of the Mediterranean while eating authentic Italian cuisine. Many restaurants order ingredients from suppliers in Italy and ship them to Benidorm. Italian food made with real ingredients makes for a fantastic meal.

Indian Restaurants

The Indian influence on Benidorm goes back many centuries when Spanish first started trading at Indian ports. Many Indian merchants started setting up shop in Benidorm to sell their own goods. Over time, many of these businesses transformed into restaurants. Many Benidorm residents eat only Spanish food and Indian food. Benidorm has no Indian neighborhood but there are fantastic Indian restaurants sprinkled throughout the city.

Hotel Restaurants

If you're staying in a hotel while visiting Benidorm, there's most likely a hotel restaurant. Many hotel restaurants cater to American or British tourists who often request American or British dishes. The restaurants in hotels don't offer the best food of Benidorm, excepting some premium restaurants on the top flat with fantastic views of the beach. Their meals are good but normally travelers need to get out to get the true experience.


It may shock you to find pizzerias in Benidorm, but there are dozens. The pizzerias have popped up in the past few decades as more tourists want the comfort foods of home while they explore the city. Most pizzerias offer New York Style pizza, Chicago deep dish, and some even mix Spanish cuisine into the mix. Pizzerias are very popular with Benidorm's youth.

French Restaurants

Most French restaurants in Benidorm are very expensive, high-class establishments. Most order ingredients direct from France and prepare them daily. You can't go wrong with almost any French bistro you choose. Be aware that these spots don't work for many family dinners! But they're perfect for a romantic evening with your significant other.

Seafood Restaurants

Benidorm's pier is lined with seafood restaurants. All of these spots catch they're fish and serve them that evening. You can't beat fresh Mediterranean seafood. Favorite dishes include grilled swordfish, grilled salmon, seafood soup, shellfish paella, and Fideua.

Choosing A Benidorm Restaurant

The choices for choosing a restaurant in the city can be overwhelming at first. There are limitless options and it's sometimes hard to tell the bad restaurants from the great ones. The best way to pick great spots is to ask the hotel concierge. It's their job to know the best restaurants in town, so use them to find a great Benidorm restaurant. If you've got friends in Benidorm, then obviously you should ask them about their favorite places. But let's say you want to be more spontaneous. You may find yourself hungry and stumble upon a Benidorm restaurant. How do you know they'll be good? The best way to determine the quality of the restaurant is by it's visitors. If it's filled with tourists then it probably isn't the most authentic cuisine or the best quality. If the restaurant is filled with local residents, you can trust it will be good.

Benidorm Bars

People that are traveling to Benidorm, Spain, looking for some exciting nightlife and good bars will not be disappointed with what the city has to offer. There are many different Benidorm bars in each area of the city, all with different atmospheres so you can find the one that works for you. Whether you just want to grab a drink or you're looking for entertainment, there are many places both in the Levante area or at the Poniente area Old Town bars.

Levante Area:

There are a number of discos, cabarets, and other entertainment bars in the Levante area around Av. De Mallorca. Most places do not charge admission and they have reasonably priced drinks, so it's easy to have a good time. One place not to be missed for the best in entertainment is the Benidorm Palace, where you can see dancers from around the world performing. You can also get dinner here or just drinks if you choose. There are also many cabaret bars in the Levante area, which put on shows while you eat or drink. These shows can be almost anything, and there are multiple acts throughout the night.

Old town:

You'll also find some good Benidorm bars in other areas of the city. The old town bars give a bit of a different atmosphere, but can be quite nice. Many of them feature live music of all kinds. Depending on where you go, you may find jazz music, classic rock, and more. A lot of the bars in the area also have pretty cheap drinks or good daily specials. You can also find many different international bars in this area. You may come across an English pub, Dutch bar, or Irish pub.

Karaoke and theme bars:

In addition to the nightlife mentioned above, there are a few other types of Benidorm bars that are worth a visit. If you feel like showing off your skills, a karaoke bar may be right for you. There you can grab the microphone and sing the night away, or you can just kick back with your drink and watch other people show of their talents. Another fun type of bar that you will see in Benidorm is a theme bar. There are lots of bars with different themes, so you can find yourself walking into an old western saloon, tropical Bahamas beach bar, or a sports bar with the latest games up on the television screens.

No matter what type of nightlife you are looking for during your visit to Benidorm, you are sure to find something that suits you. Whether you head to the extremely popular Levante area to visit their bars or you go to the Poniente area old town bars, there is truly something for everyone. There are bars with quiet atmospheres, large and wild atmospheres, fun and silly ones, and bars that put on a good, entertaining show for you. A night out in the city of Benidorm will surely be a night that you remember, no matter what bar you go to.

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